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elizabeth currer

Firstly, thank you so much for having a look at my work! I really appreciate your interest. I am an artist living and working in Southern California. I have always been most interested in how people interact with one another. The looks people give each other are so telling and intriguing. In college, at Occidental College in Los Angeles, I graduated with a BA in Studio Art. I studied a wide array of mediums, but ultimately became a printmaker. In graduate school, at the Slade School of Fine Art in London, I focused almost exclusively on etching. We worked in a very traditional method under the tutalage of Professor Bartolomeu dos Santos, a wonderful Portuguese printmaker. Etching was a wonderful medium to explore the dark interplay between people, but as time has passed, my work has become lighter (literally and figuratively!) and with this I now work in color and have found a great love of hand-built ceramics.

Working in clay is not too unlike creating prints. You may be wondering, "what does she mean?" What I mean is that when you create a ceramic piece, you have that moment when you must pause, and the piece will be finished in another step, i.e. firing in the kiln, using underglazes, pouring glaze., etc. I am completely captivated by the unlimited possibilities of surface decoration! We can work with sgraffito, Mishima, wax resist, direct painting of underglazes, pouring glaze, dipping glaze, etc. My style is unique, combining two of my favorite interests- people and flowers. I have great fondness for my figures and although they may look unusually un-classical, they are near & dear to my heart, they are compassionate individuals and each have a unique story to tell and share. 

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All artwork © Elizabeth Currer, 2018, all rights reserved, artwork cannot be reproduced without my written permission.